Ghosts, Kings.... In Myanmar Tours

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  • Country: Myanmar
  • Theme: Culture/Religion
  • Duration: Full Day
  • Accommodation: Not Included
  • Meal: Not Included
  • Transportation: Included
  • Product Code: INS-MN03

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The history of the Bagan temples and the Bagan kingdom does not only have a sunny side from the glory days, but has also seen a lot of bloodshed in the past. During this full day tour, our guide will bring you to the places with the scariest history and thrill you with hair-raising myths and anecdotes. Is the spirit of the Tharaba gate really the soul of a person buried alive inside the doorpost? How many construction workers had their arm chopped of at that stone at Dhammayangyi stupa? And are there still ghosts here at night?

The guide will explain all of these stories to you during this tour around Bagan, and give you a fascinating insight into the behaviour of kings and queens during this period as well as explaining just what happened when the Mongols invaded. Children and families will especially love this tour.

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