About Us

“Ever since I was a child I have loved to travel. I wanted to explore everywhere in my country and this grew into the knowledge that I would one day work in tourism. I studied language and tourism and for many years I worked helping tourists in Hanoi’s Old Quarter to improve my knowledge and skills. I worked in some of Vietnam’s largest companies where I learnt about how to keep high quality and efficient service, but I always loved the idea of opening a small, personal company.

Inspire Travel is this company. We believe that small is beautiful. This means that we can focus on each individual traveler. Our founders are very hands-on and take personal responsibility for our success.

We chose the name ‘Inspire’ because this is what we believe travel is all about. Traveling with us is a little bit different. Our motto is Safe, Fun, Relaxed and this underpins every part of our work. Our tours are carefully planned and hassle free to ensure you have the best holiday experience. We provide inspiring itineraries to get you started, with easy customization of options to keep you interested. Traveling with us means you can choose your tour from many options with flexible schedules. Therefore, you can travel as a group and still enjoy a personal experience. For example, if you are traveling in a group with 10 people and half of this group wants to go this place and the rest wants to go to another place, we can meet the demands of each group.

Our easy and reliable online booking system means you can select and book your holiday on your lunch break… or right now while the boss isn't looking. We have chosen to focus on online bookings because we believe booking your tour should be as easy as booking the flights to get here. All the details are clearly outlined so you can be sure you are getting the tour that you want. Our team is on standby and ready if you have any questions.

We look forward to inspiring you to explore with us.”

General Manager of Inspire Travel

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